Javascript animation library optimized mobile devices. This project forked the collie.js library.

How to build

  1. Download project using git clone or fork to your own.

     $ git clone
  2. Install npm packages with a simple command

     $ npm install

    If you don't have npm, you can install a node.js included a npm.

  3. Using a grunt

     $ grunt build
    • default or an empty value: Watch project files. It'll build all files for debugging when you edit .js files. It also watch jsdoc templates, and you don't need make documentation if you edit only stylesheets(or less files) or main.js.
    • build: Build all files info a dist folder.
    • doc: Make documentations into a 'docs/dist' folder.
    • doc_debug: Make a simple documentation for debugging.


Submit any problems or points of improvement detected during use in the forum.!forum/colliejs

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