Class: Pool

collie. Pool

new collie.Pool(nSize, htOption, fClass)

A simple object Pool

Name Type Default Description
nSize Number

Pool size (number of objects in the Pool)

htOption Object

Default options to create displayObjects

fClass Function collie.DisplayObject optional

The Pool contains objects created by this class


var pool = new collie.Pool(10, { backgroundImage : "test" });

// Use 5 objects var a = pool.get().addTo(layer); var b = pool.get().addTo(layer); var c = pool.get().addTo(layer); var d = pool.get().addTo(layer); var e = pool.get().addTo(layer);

// Release 5 objects pool.release(a); pool.release(b); pool.release(c); pool.release(d); pool.release(e);

// Change Pool size after initializing a Pool class. pool.changeSize(20);

You can also make the Pool contain other classes.

var circlePool = new collie.Pool(10, {
 radius : 10
}, collie.Circle);


  • module:collie.addon.js



Change the default options to create displayObjects

Name Type Description
htOption Object


Change the size of the Pool.

Name Type Description
nSize Number

Get an object from the Pool



Release an object from the Pool

Name Type Description
oTarget collie.DisplayObject
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